Some people are skeptic on treating pests and rodents naturally. We are actually one of the few lawn care companies that treat pests and rodents naturally. So how does it work? Well, pests and rodents can be treated in the following ways: 

Find a “good” insect that is good for the soil that feeds off the “bad” insect that is causing harm. Got a grub problem? We can treat it! 

Find a product that kills the insect that does not affect the soil positively or negatively and does not harm any larger animal or human. We treat the pesky ant problem this way. 
Find any natural ingredient that will repel the rodent. Smells and tastes are great ways. Find a smell that is the predator to your rodent problem and spray it or spray your plant with a substance that takes away the appealing taste of the plant Bad taste – Geese. Threatening Smell – Deer. 

Take the time to trap. Trapping the rodent before it becomes a problem or multiplies is the most effective way. Find your mole problem early spring before one becomes five. 

Now don’t lie, weeds treated naturally? 


One thing you need to remember is weeds are natural, so the best way to treat your weed problem is to have a full, healthy lawn to minimize weed growth. Our fertilizer applications can help you achieve that. 

To aid in minimal weed growth we apply a pre-emergent control in early spring.

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